Our Resource Tools Can Help You Manage Your Condition

Welcome to the Resource Center, which contains tracking tools and other resources that can help you and your doctor understand and manage your Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis better.

Our tracking tools make it easy for you to track how your symptoms are affected by the foods you eat, your activities, or your treatment. Some of these tracking tools are available as printouts, or you can use our interactive tracker tool, GI Buddy, online or on your mobile phone. You can also access our sample letter library below for assistance with insurance appeals, financial information and other resources.

Simply click on the links to the right to download the tool you need, print, and start tracking!

Need financial or insurance help?

Has your medication, test or other needed services been denied by your insurance company? Need information on financial and other resources? Download sample appeal letters that you or your health care provider can use to get you the care and resources you need.
Access the sample letter library here.

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Log your medication

Keeping track of when you take your meds and therapies can provide valuable insight to how effectively your treatment is working.

Note what you eat

Writing down what and when you eat every day can help you determine whether there is a correlation between your diet and your symptoms.

Track your flares

Accurately keeping track of when your flares occur can help your doctor assess if your treatment is working.

Online Support Group

During this 4-week program, you'll learn more about managing IBD, and create your own supportive community by sharing experiences and learning from one another.

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